The Easy Way to High Quality Greens at Your Golf Course

The quality of Golf greens has tremendous importance for the success of a Golf course. Almost half of all strokes are performed on the greens. Only when the ball roll is true to the line and holds the speed, golfers will have a good feeling. They will be satisfied and leave the golf course praising the greens. Even more so, they will praise the entire golf course because of the good round they have just been able to play. This is the time when the best and cheapest of all advertising strategies starts taking effect: word-of-mouth propaganda. The golfers will certainly tell their friends about this great golf course.  

Washed green sod from Zehetbauer Fertigrasen is the right tool to achieve perfect greens in only three to four weeks time. Take your time to listen for 12 minutes to this video. It will save you several months and can be half the battle in marketing your golf course in the future.

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