Soilfree Turf

Soilfree Turf

Light Rolls - Heavily Recommended
Perfect turf without extra ballast

Soilfree Turf process involves harvesting mature turf into strips and then removing all the soil by the StrathAyr BAyr Root® Turf Processing System. The result is a vegetative turf mat free of any soil. Soilfree Turf results in faster and denser root development than conventional turf. Soil interface and contamination problems are eliminated. Establishment time of a mature turf surface is enhanced and downtime minimised. Scienitific research by Texas A&M University and by Hobart University (Australia) have proofed enhanced root groth with solifree turf. Stronger roots produce healthier grass and more durable playing surfaces.

Soilfree Turf - Pure Quality

  • Faster and easier installation through less weight
  • Cleaner to work with as there is no soil
  • Easier to install, particularly in wet weather conditions
  • Better drainage
  • Avoids layer problems and soil contamination
  • Faster establishment of a mature surface
  • Easy long distance transportation

Technical Data

Size: normal roll 590 x 1700 mm, big roll 1,20 x 5 to 25 m
Weight: 10 - 12 kg / sqm
Areas of Use: Sports Fields, Golf Courses, Roof Gardens, high stress areas

Bayr Root® is registered trademark of StrathAyrTM Seymour, Australia