Zehetbauer NETLON-TURF


Netlon Advanced Turf System® consists of a specially prepared rootzone into which is blended thousands of small interlocking mesh elements. Washed turf is used to establish a dense grass cover.

As the grass roots develop they penetrate through the mesh to form a deep anchored root system and a very stable rootzone.

The result is a free draining natural grass surface with no visible structures but with a bearing capability up to 40 tons.


  • Attractive, natural grass surface
  • High load bearing capability up to 40 tons
  • Resists rutting
  • Rapid surface drainage


  • Sports surfaces
  • Events areas
  • Emergency vehicle access roads
  • Overspill car parks

Netlon Advanced Turf System® is registered trademark of StrathAyrTM Seymour, Australia